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:bulletred: Pedobear Hoodie Ad Contest
All mediums accepted
To Enter Create any kind of general audience, tastefull artwork with the following 2 requirements:
1: It must have the new Pedobear Kuma hoodie featured in the art.
2: PUT "" somewhere in the image

1st Place: 50% Off the new Pedobear /Kuma Hoodie OR $40 off any Purchase
2nd Place: 25% Off the new Pedobear /Kuma Hoodie OR $20 off any Purchase
3rd Place (Random Draw from valid entries): 25% Off the new Pedobear /Kuma Hoodie OR $20 off any Purchase

Deadline: November 5th Number
More Info:…

Pedobear Hoodie Art Contest Flyer by calgarycosplay



~ Your Contest Art ~

If you made an artwork for any of the contests and you don't know what to do with it . . . You can contact the founder , or comment on the contest blog , and i'll put it in the contest folder for you !


~ The Contest Folder ~

If you want to know where the contest folder is :

Go to our Favourites tab , and scroll down to find the folder . Your BEAUTIFUL Creations are there ! :heart:


~ To Blog ~

If you want to blog , you have to make sure that what your typing makes sense and look fancy ! XD

Make sure that the Founder reads it and approves it , too .


~ Advertising ~

If you are from another group and from one of our affiliates and wants to advertise on this group's blog and home page . . .

Ask Ahead !

But if you want us to advertise something that is inappropriate or something that mocks others , its a NO .


~ To My Staff ~

If you want to make a contest make sure that you get at least 5 contestants , prizes , deadline , deadline , and what you have to draw .

Also , you have to get the founder to approve it . :]


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